IDT Mission and Structure

The SNAP IDT has a focus on developing the instrumentation and, through this, the scientific capabilities of the SNAP diffractometer. The Executive Committee (Guthrie, Parise, Mao) has identified 4 core areas of development that will be supported with beamtime allocations:
  • Low temperature at high presssure (correlated electron systems,  molecular systems)
  • High temperature at high pressure (geophysical applications, sample synthesis, high PT chemistry)
  • Ultra high pressure ~ 50 GPa (fundamental physics, chemistry)
  • Diffraction techniques development (PDF, single-crystals, long-wavelength diffraction...)
In addition, we will support other development activity (e.g. new pressure cell testing, sample encapsulation, electric fields...) where we believe this will have a substantial impact on the SNAP science programmes.

In addition to technique developments, the IDT has a mission to raise the profile of the SNAP instrument (and the broader neutron resources) within the high-pressure community. Our strategy to achieve this is through promotion of the new capabilities and science that has been achieved.

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